The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise – Dan Gemeinhart

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

By Dan Gemeinhart

Henry Holt & Company 2019 – 344 Pages – Genre: Realistic fiction, Adventure

Review by CES Librarian Stephanie Hamilton

”There is so much happiness in the world. There is so much sadness in the world. There is just so much in the world.”

One girl, mostly alone and completely heartbroken. A sister without any sisters. A daughter without a mom. But a girl with a memory, and a girl with a promise, a promise she would do anything to keep.

For five years, Coyote and her dad Rodeo have been driving around the United States on a school bus they call Yager. After losing her mom and sister in a tragic car accident, Coyote and her dad left their home in Washington, assumed new identities, and are doing whatever they can to avoid confronting this loss.

During her weekly phone call with her grandmother back home, Coyote is told that her favorite neighborhood park is about to be torn down. But it isn’t just the park that will be lost. Coyote buried a time capsule there with her mother and sisters and swears to herself she will do whatever it takes to make it back home before the park is gone to recover those precious memories. She has only 4 days to get her dad to drive from Florida to Washington, all without him realizing it.

The characters they meet on their trip bring twists and turns along the way. From a teenage runaway to a man trying to return to a lost love to a young man and his mother looking for a fresh start, Yager gets quite crowded with new friends who bring depth to the story and help along the journey. 

This story of family, grief, and friendship takes the reader on a trip across the country and through a myriad of emotions where you will find yourself rooting for Coyote every step of the way. 

A 2019 Parents’ Choice Award Gold Medal Winner  

Winner of the 2019 CYBILS Award for Middle Grade

An Amazon Top 20 Children’s Book of 2019  

A Junior Library Guild Selection

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