The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl – Stacy McAnulty

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

by Stacy McAnulty

Random House Books for Young Readers – 304 Pages – Genre: Realistic Fiction; Humor

Review by Tuscaloosa Magnet Librarian Mrs. Davis

The author, Stacy McAnulty, takes you on a tour through the life of 12 year old Lucy, who was struck by lightning at the age of 8. Because of the lightning strike Lucy’s brain works differently; not right or wrong, just different. She is now a mathematical savant and has also developed OCD. These two characteristics make navigation of 7th grade difficult. She is challenged with friendships, as well as her choice of keeping her mathematical gift a secret. She is personally challenged to overcome fears and anxieties. I highly recommend this book for ages 11-99. The audiobook is also great! This book is available through Sora. Enjoy!

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Librarian at Central High School

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