Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087

by Alan Gratz

Scholastic – 272 Pages – Genre: Historical fiction

Review by Magnet School librarian Mrs. Davis

“I was reluctant to read this book, as I am not a person who enjoys books that do not take place in the present or a book about wars. This book is a historical fiction book that takes place in Europe during WWII. I was required to read it for a group that I am in. I was blown away by this book and recommend it for the age group of middle school students – to the elderly.

Alan Gratz’s writing makes you feel as though you are a part of the journey. In this particular book the reader follows Yanek Gruener through TEN, yes you read that correctly, concentration camps. He loses friends, loved ones, and even his will to survive. The horrors that are depicted throughout this time period of Nazi control will forever be in the back of your mind. As a person it makes you wonder how anyone could allow this to happen to other people. After reading this (and the follow-up) your desire to learn more about Yanek and WWII will increase. This book is available on Sora with both TCS and TPL.

One other positive is that this author has a great habit of responding to emails written by readers of his books! Enjoy!”

Published by jmhamiltonchs

Librarian at Central High School

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