Maybe He Just Likes You – Barbara Dee

Maybe He Just Likes You

by Barbara Dee

Aladdin 2019304 pagesGenre: Realistic fiction

Seventh grader Mila has a solid group of friends and a loving, but overworked and underpaid mom.  The trouble starts with a group of boys that suddenly start paying extra attention to Mila.  It begins with unwanted hugs and shoulder squeezes and escalates from there.  Mila is afraid to tell her friends and tries to protect her mom, who is trying so hard to keep her job. Who can she talk to?  Who will believe her?

I have to admit, this was a difficult book to read.  That doesn’t mean you should avoid it.  Sexual harassment is real and destructive.  It can also be very subtle, with the harasser making you feel like you’re overreacting or it’s all in your head.  This book is so important!  Read it, learn from it, and please reach out to a trusted adult if you are harassed.  

Available as an ebook and audiobook in Sora (Tuscaloosa Public Library).

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