Pride – Ibi Zoboi


By Ibi Zoboi

Balzer + Bray. 2018 – 304 Pages – Genre: Urban fiction; Young Adult fiction; Chick-lit Fiction

Review by PWBHS librarian, Shelley Dorrill

“Late June in Brooklyn is like the very beginning of a party-when the music is really good, but you know that it’s about to get way better, so you just do a little two-step before the real turn-up starts.”

In this urban fiction retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Ibi Zoboi brings a modern take to the classic, romantic comedy of manners. Think of it like a hip-hop remix of a beloved rock-n-roll classic. In Pride, we meet Brooklyn native Zuri Benitez and her large family full of sisters. Their neighborhood is like family; comfortable and a little lived-in. However, when the run-down mansion across the street to her family’s more humble apartment is purchased and renovated by the Darcy’s, a wealthy African-American family from Manhatten, her neighborhood and her world begin to change. Gentrification is coming and with it the end to Zuri’s worn community, but Zuri is proud of her broken neighborhood and proud of her Afro-Latino culture. She has little patience or time for the Darcy family and particularly Darius, the seemingly arrogant (and handsome) son. However, his brother Ainsley and Zuri’s older sister Janae are instantly attracted to each other and keep bringing Zuri’s world into contact with Darius and his wealthier culture. Adding Zuri’s three younger sisters into this mix of neighborhood drama, you have a setting for sparks of all kinds. Will the fierce pride Zuri holds for her own way of life create animosity against any other way of living? Will the neighborhood survive or be lost forever? Ultimately, will any blossoming love prove more powerful even than the pride and prejudice that oppose it?

Available through SORA as an e-book and audio book.

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