Front Desk – Kelly Yang

Front Desk By Kelly Yang Arthur A. Levine Books 2018 – 304 Pages – Genre: Realistic Fiction Review by NMS Student A.W. with publisher’s description Front Desk by Kelly Yang is about a young Chinese girl named Mia who immigrated to America. Her family came here with only 200 dollars. Her mom and dad areContinue reading “Front Desk – Kelly Yang”

Ghost – Jason Reynolds

Ghost By Jason Reynolds Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books 2016 – 192 Pages – Genre: Realistic fiction, Sports fiction Review by WFE Student T.L. & NMS Student A.R. with publisher’s description This book keeps you turning the page. It is perfect for anyone wanting to relate to a book deeply. Jason Reynolds does a magnificent job makingContinue reading “Ghost – Jason Reynolds”