“The school library provides a wealth of curriculum-based resources as well as opportunities for students to learn at a personal level of inquiry, outside the assigned curriculum.”

Goodin, Susie M., S.M. 2010. “Steps Towards Unifying Literacy Theory and Librarianship.” CSLA Journal, 34 (1): 24-25.

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Strong Libraries Strong Schools

The Tuscaloosa City Board of Education members have an ambitious plan to create robust library collections. Currently, Tuscaloosa City Schools’ libraries fall well below the standard for “exemplary” libraries based on the Alabama Department Education’s benchmarks. Of the system’s 18 libraries, only 1 meets the designation.

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American Association of School Librarians

TCS Librarians develop collections & programming using AASL Standards. The standards are not a curriculum, rather they provide guidance to librarians as they develop the library in response to local needs and priorities. Click to view the AASL document “Strong Libraries Build Strong Students” or explore the standards.

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TCS Library Infographics

TCS Librarians routinely produce reports & infographics to communicate the state of the library. You can view each library’s most recent infographic in this gallery.

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