Restart – Gordon Korman

Restart By Gordon Korman Scholastic Press 2017 – 256 Pages – Genre: Realistic fiction; Humorous Fiction Review by NMS Student D.M. with publisher’s description Restart by Gordon Korman is a realistic fiction book about an 8th grade boy named Chase Ambrose. Chase is playing around on his roof and falls off. He wakes up inContinue reading “Restart – Gordon Korman”

Front Desk – Kelly Yang

Front Desk By Kelly Yang Arthur A. Levine Books 2018 – 304 Pages – Genre: Realistic Fiction Review by NMS Student A.W. with publisher’s description Front Desk by Kelly Yang is about a young Chinese girl named Mia who immigrated to America. Her family came here with only 200 dollars. Her mom and dad areContinue reading “Front Desk – Kelly Yang”

Ghost – Jason Reynolds

Ghost By Jason Reynolds Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books 2016 – 192 Pages – Genre: Realistic fiction, Sports fiction Review by WFE Student T.L. & NMS Student A.R. with publisher’s description This book keeps you turning the page. It is perfect for anyone wanting to relate to a book deeply. Jason Reynolds does a magnificent job makingContinue reading “Ghost – Jason Reynolds”

Song for a Whale – Lynne Kelly

Song for a Whale By Lynne Kelly Delacorte Books for Young Reader 2019 – 320 Pages – Genre: Realistic fiction, Adventure Review by CES Librarian Stephanie Hamilton Twelve-year-old Iris is deaf. But that doesn’t stop her from her favorite hobby, studying and repairing old radios. As the only deaf student at her school, Iris oftenContinue reading “Song for a Whale – Lynne Kelly”